Direct Steam Injection Heating Applications

Heating solutions for industrial applications



Direct steam injection heaters for water heating, bio fuel, chemical, food processing and mining industries.We provide innovative direct steam injection heating technology for water heating, sludge heating, jet cooker, tank heating, jet sparger, steam injection valves, and wastewater processing. Our technology works for a multitude of applications including anaerobic digestion, biogas production, and process heating, ensuring satisfaction no matter what your heating application needs are. ProSonix is dedicated to delivering standard product designs and complex custom solutions of the highest quality to fulfill your specific heating needs. 

We are experts in the heat transfer application industry and we would like to share our innovative technology with you. Whether you need heating solutions for biofuel, chemical, food, mining, power, paper, wastewater, or water heating, ProSonix is capable of helping you. Our experienced personnel, driven sales engineers and superior technical staff are here to accommodate your unique needs.  

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