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Solids Separation & Catalyst Reclamation

Chemical Manufacturing Process Superheating Solution

A major Petro-Chem processor producing polymers & monomers needed to treat their wastewater stream before returning to the ground. Solids needed to be separated and catalysts reclaimed. The wastewater was heated prior to their 25,000 gallon reactor. The existing inline heater could not reach required separation temperatures which limited processing time in the reactor which extended hold times in the reactor. The limited reactor processing time negatively impacted plant production as the process was continuous and was dependent on the rate of wastewater processing in the reactor. By installing an I-Series steam injection heater, proper separation temperatures were reached increasing wastewater reactor processing. This led to an increase in the plant’s production time by over 200%.

I-Series Inline Heaters

The I-Series inline direct steam injection heater from Pro-Sonix is very effective for chemical tank heating applications. These heaters use a pneumatic actuator to ensure the correct amount of steam is injected. Inline heating systems ensure precise steam flow control by establishing chocked flow.

These direct steam injection heaters ensure chemical wastewater is heated evenly and to the precise temperature you desire. 

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