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Steel Production

Mining, Metals, and Mineral Processing Direct Steam Injection Heating

A leading steel mill needed to upgrade their cooling water tank used to supply their hood cooling system. The existing  steam injection heater was experiencing steam cavitation issues due to solids in the water clogging it’s injector. Cooling water needed to be maintained at proper temperature control to insure controlled cool down. The cooling water had solids as it was in a re-circ loop.

I-Series Inline Direct Steam Injection Heater

The I-Series Jet Diffuser is a great choice for metals and mineral processing. Our innovative steam injection heaters are designed to self clean, so they do not have scale or mineral buildup, eliminating clogging issues. These heating systems also feature internally modulated steam control, so the precise temperature and steam velocity is maintained.

Contact jet diffuser manufacturers at Pro-Sonix for an innovative heating system for mining, metals and mineral processing.