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Tank Heating - Hi-Solids

Chemical Manufacturers Utilize Tank Mounted Jet Sparger

Processing regrind PVC & resin slurry requires a reliable heating device that can operate in an abrasive slurry environment. Uniform temperature distribution is important to prepare the re-grind slurry for the extruder process. This process required a tank heating device that could operate in continuous high flow conditions through their prep tank. Conventional heating devices were not able to handle the high turndown, and could not withstand the abrasive conditions. ProSonix provided their J-Series Tank Mount Jet Sparger with modulated steam control. The plant has been able to integrate and adjust the J-Series based on their variable flow conditions with much more responsive heating response. The High Velocity (sonic) steam flow design of the PSX J-Series has eliminated steam cavitation, thus improving steam condensation & reducing energy consumption. The end result has been more reliable re-grind slurry temperature entering the extruder reducing reject product.

J-Series Jet Sparger

The J-Series jet sparger from Pro-Sonix is ideal for chemical tank heating applications for abrasive slurries. These heaters can provide the high velocity direct steam injection required for evenly and precisely heating abrasive slurry. Our jet spargers are also available with protective coatings to prevent them from wearing out while heating in abrasive conditions.

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