Manufacturing Capabilities for Reliable Steam Injection Heating Solutions

  • Standard product designs and custom solutions to meet yours specific process heating requirements
  • State of the art machining and fabrication capabilities
  • Certified welders deliver a superior product
  • Standard materials of construction in carbon steel or 316 SS
  • Special alloys such as Hastelloy, Titanium, 2205, etc. available upon request
  • Certifications to meet or ASME “U” Stamp, CRN, PED, and SEP requirements
  • Specialized wear coatings for aggressive fluid applications
  • Experienced personnel and quality control procedures to meet your demanding requirements

Steam Injection Heating Solutions for Process & Utility Applications

ProSonix is the leading manufacturer of innovative heating systems. Our revolutionary process heating solutions are ideal for both simple and complex applications. We manufacture three types of process heaters to suit the exact requirements of your industry. Our heaters include:

  • PSX C-Series Jet Cooker for biofuel, slurry and starch processing
  • PSX I-Series Inline Jet Diffuser for water heating
  • PSX J-Series Jet Sparger for vessel and tank heating