Direct Steam Injection Heating for the Pulp and Paper Industry

ProSonix is a proud supplier to the paper and pulp industry. Our steam injection solutions provide heated water at many steps throughout the pulp and paper making process including whitewater heating, green liquor heating, pulp stock bleaching, lime slaker heating and more. Contact ProSonix to learn more about our equipment and to discuss your application.

Whitewater Heating

Steam injection heating for proper whitewater temperature in the Mill is critical to insure paper quality and optimal machine speed. Heating whitewater silos with conventional spargers applications can lead to silo damage from steam cavitation, poor temperature control, and energy losses. The PSX Steam Injection Heater assures reliable temperature control and is well suited for both high steam demand stat-up conditions and turndown for normal operation. Our Steam Injection Heater system benefits include, but are in no way limited to: more consistent paper quality, less machine downtime, reduced chemical costs and lower maintenance.
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Green Liquor Heating

The PSX I Series heater provides precise temperature control, which is important to achieve high efficiency in the reaction created by adding lime to the green liquor. The heater can also be supplied with the required alloys (317L, Duplex Stainless) to address the caustic nature of Green Liquor. Our PSX I Series heater produces a more uniform heating process of the liquor and will not only result in reduced lime costs and a better control of the process, but also reduced operating costs and higher quality white liquor.
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Felt Showers

The ProSonix heater can be used to heat felt shower water, maintaining precise temperature control. This will assure effective applications of detergents and dispersions.

Pulp Stock Bleaching

The ProSonix Inline heater may be used to directly heat paper stock. This results in a very uniform bleaching temperature, reducing chemical usage and improving the bleaching of the pulp. You will also experience much fewer process upsets due to our PSX heater’s internal modulation, which assures complete mixing and rapid condensation of steam.
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Energy Savings with Vent & Waste Steam Recovery

For waste and vent steam condensation applications, it is difficult to safely and stably condense the steam into a process fluid, where it can then be used in a productive manner. Our ProSonix J-series Jet Sparger solves this problem. The flexible installation of this heater allows steam to be condensed in a wide range of pipe sizes or into a tank. This reduces the waste of steam and results in energy savings.
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Boiler Feedwater Heating

Direct Steam Injection for pre-heating the boiler feedwater can improve the thermodynamic efficiency of an Industrial Steam Boiler system. Pre-heating boiler feedwater reduces plant operating costs and also helps to avoid thermal shock to the boiler metal. With our Steam Injection Heater system, your boiler feedwater heater will have a more reliable heating process due to our precise temperature control.  It will also require less maintenance because of the system’s self-cleaning design. There will no longer be a need to worry about scaling or plugging.
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Lime Slaker Heating

In the pulp and paper processing industry the lime slaker is used to convert green liquor into white liquor. The white liquor is returned to a caustic state. The PSX I-Series heater can be installed in-line upstream of the slaker and will result in improved performance, reduced energy costs, reduced tank damage, a better reaction and process control, and high turndown.
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Starch Cooking

Proper starch cooking methods can have an important impact on paper quality and cost control in the Mill. The PSX OptiShear Jet Cooker assures complete cook out for your starch cooker. You will experience reduced starch consumption, better drainage, lower whitewater contamination, and improved product quality with the installation of our Jet Cooker.
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Tank & Railcar Washing

Unloading Railcars with chemicals such as sodium chlorate requires proper temperature control to insure the chemical is completely dissolved. Our Steam Injection Heater Systems allow for better temperature control and produce a more reliable heating process.
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Paper Machine Boil-out

Our PSX C Series Jet Cooker will resolve several problems resulting in normal white water systems like ineffective condensation of steam, damage to the chest walls, and steam escaping from the tanks. The ProSonix heater will provide good temperature control and is important for achieving high efficiency in the reaction. The PSX heater can also be supplied to address the caustic nature of Green Liquor.
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RO Water & Deaerator

Proper temperature and the ability to handle high amounts of superheated steam make the PSX Heater well suited for Reverse Osmosis water heating. Raising temps on returning boiler feed water will allow for the oxygen to be more efficiently released in the deaerator than at lower temps. You can achieve a faster tank heat-up time with our PSX Jet Diffuser Tank Mount Sparger compared to conventional steam sparging. Enjoy a more stable operation, energy savings, and better temperature control by installing our ProSonix heater.