Ethanol Production

Ethanol Production - Starch Jet Cooker

The ProSonix OptiShear Jet Cooker is well suited for optimizing starch cooking. The jet cooker mixing action assures complete hydrolization of the slurry prior to starch liquefaction for a more uniform cook. Our PSX Jet Cooker has an attached, adjustable Condensing Tube to vary the starch slurry gap. The Condensing Tube can be adjusted to make the gap narrower, allowing for optimization of the amount of steam exposure to the thin ribbon of starch slurry.
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Biomass & Cellulosic Pretreatment - Ethanol

Fibrous slurries present a number of challenges from a process heating and fluid handling standpoint. The ProSonix I-Series Inline heater is well suited for heating of handling fibrous and can be arranged in single or multi-stage configurations. Efficient heating of biomass & cellulosic slurries provide a uniform heat transfer challenging pretreatment applications.
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Corn Wet Milling Applications

Our PSX Jet Cooker is ideal for corn wet milling applications like ethanol production. The innovative Jet Cooker will evenly hydrolyze and heat grain mash slurry, making the corn wet milling process more efficient. The ProSonix OptiShear Jet Cooker assures radial slurry flow providing a more complete cook of the starch slurry for corn wet mill processing.
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Biogas Production - Anaerobic Digestion

In renewable fuels processing, the ProSonix Inline Direct Steam Injection heater is designed to handle high viscosity and difficult to pump sludges, manures, and high viscosity slurries. Precise temperature control and a low pressure drop across the heater allows for easy integration with your pumping system and anaerobic digester.

Fibrous Stock Heating

ProSonix Direct Steam Injection heaters can be used for renewable fuels such as biomass and cellulosic pretreatment. Water heating can be preformed to heat the fibrous stock. The fibrous slurry can then be heated via the PSX I-Series Inline Heater prior to pretreatment. Accurate temperature control and unlimited supply of hot water on demand makes the slurry pre-heating fast and easy.

Energy Savings - Vent & Waste Steam Recovery

ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger can be used to capture vent or waste steam that is typically released to atmosphere, and inject back into process water system or water tanks for energy savings. The PSX Jet Sparger is able to safely and stably condense the vent steam unlike traditional heat exchangers. Our innovative heater can be installed in the pipe, on the tank or on the vessel wall, eliminating the need for reworking the system piping.

On Demand Hot Water

ProSonix inline heaters will heat water instantly and on demand to any desired temperature before it enters a batch process, reducing the cycle time and increasing productivity. Inline water heating or Jet Sparger designs are available. Our direct steam injection heater is ideal for heating water, slurry, sludge and aggressive fluids.

Jet Sparger Optimization - Tank Heating

Tank heating with spargers or eductors can lead to steam hammer problems which can damage tank walls and welds. Proper tank heating with a J-Series Jet Sparger utilizes high velocity steam for rapid mixing and condensation of the steam. Our PSX heater also utilizes internal steam flow modulation to control the steam mass flow, eliminating vibration issues.

ProSonix working with the BioFuel & Ethanol Industries

PSX C Series Jet Cooker

  • Ethanol Dry Mill Production
  • Corn Wet Mill
  • Biomass and Cellulosic Pretreatment
  • Biogas Anaerobic
  • Fibrous Stock Heating
  • Vent/Waste Steam Recovery

  • PSX I Series

  • On Demand Hot Water

    PSX J Series Tank Sparger

  • Tank Heating