I-Series Inline Steam to Water Heat Exchanger

Custom engineered inline steam injection heaters

Heating of slurries and aggressive fluids that are difficult to pump can present challenges for heat exchangers and common steam spargers. ProSonix inline steam injection heaters are designed to process hi solids, hi viscosity slurries and sludge. The PSX I Series delivers high velocity steam into the slurry which provides a completely mixed product without energy loss or equipment wear.


PSX I-Series Inline Heater Applications

  • Water heating
  • CIP cleaning hot water
  • Plant sanitation hot water
  • Vegetable can topping & blanching
  • Meat & poultry processing
  • Green liquor heating
  • Whitewater heating
  • Boiler feedwater heating
  • Jacketed reactor heating
  • Hi-solids slurry heating
  • Mineral slurry & oil sands processing

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PSX I-Series Inline Heater with PSX Jet Diffuser

Features and Technology

  • Steam injection heater with internally modulated steam control
  • Radial Multi-port Steam Injector design assures uniform heating for  stable & smooth operation
  • Internally Modulated steam flow control achieves choked flow conditions for sonic flow (high velocity) steam injection
  • Precise temperature control of +/- 1 deg F
  • Energy savings results from low pressure drop (typically 1-2 psig)
  • Integral Actuator eliminates steam control valve requirements
  • Self cleaning design eliminates plugging/fouling with no mineral or scale build-up.
  • Handles flow rates from 1 - 15,000 gpm.
  • Simplified installation with inline design and positional steam inlet
  • Temp rise of up to 250 °F in a single pass through the heater.
  • Patent No. 8,167,278,B2

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How PSX Jet Diffuser Technology Works

The ProSonix I-Series Direct Steam Injection heater’s unique method utilizes internal steam modulation via an integral Pneumatic Actuator to accurately deliver the appropriate mass flow of steam for the required heating. This modulating design offers a precise method of steam control through a choked flow control delivery of the steam. Steam injection heater with choked flow design delivers sonic velocity steam injection and controls the mass flow of steam through a variable area steam injector to ensure rapid mixing and condensation of the steam. This eliminates process upsets and vibration. I-series Inline Jet Diffuser utilizes 360 degree direct steam injection. Choked flow is the phenomenon of accelerating a vapor to maximum velocity by creating a pressure differential through an engineered opening. By establishing choked flow, the steam mass flow is metered to precisely control the heating of the liquid. This produces predictable results based on position of the stem plug. Through a variable-area steam diffuser, steam flow is metered at the point where steam and liquid first contact and mix.

PSX I-Series Inline Heater

Versatile and Reduced Installation Costs

The ProSonix I Series offers a unique design that allows the ability to size the steam injector and the liquid flow path independently. The steam injection portion is size based on the required steam demand of the process. The liquid flow path is sized based on the liquid flowrate, the customer pipe size to match process piping, and any important fluid characteristics. For example, a 4” steam injector can be paired with a 4”, 6”, 8”, etc. liquid injector. By fitting in the process piping like a pipe spool, this greatly reduces installation costs and provides more flexibility for the piping required for the application. Read more about ProSonix versatile steam injector sizing.

The PSX I-Series Inline Direct Steam Injection Heater

The Patented Angled Steam Injector for 3-Dimensional Heating

  • Hi-solids slurries with large particulate size
  • High viscosity fluids that are difficult to pump
  • Fibrous slurries such as pulp stock or biomass pretreatment
  • Aggressive fluids that are abrasive or corrosive
  • Mineral processing & mining slurry applications
  • Sludge heating for Biogas production
  • Anaerobic Digestion heating for Municipal, Industrial, and Food wastewater
  • High flow and high temperature water heating applications
  • Patent No. 8,167,278 B2

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Additional Information About
the I-Series Inline Steam Heater

Features and Benefits

  • 3-dimensional Steam Injector delivers up, down, and side to side steam injection pattern to optimize steam mixing and rapid condensation
  • Angled Diffuser reduces flow disruptions and suitable for fibrous slurries
  • Single Point Steam Injector diffuser connection allows for complete fluid pass through clearance with no build-up points for fibrous materials
  • Eliminates Plugging & Fouling from burn and scorch sensitive slurries and sludges
  • Internally modulated steam injection heating controls mass flow of steam allowing for smooth and stable operation
  • Energy Savings as a result of low pressure drop across the PSX DSI heater
  • Positional Steam Inlet allows steam inlet flange to be rotated in 360° for ease of steam piping connection
ProSonix Improves Heating Process
Inline heating of water and high solids slurries are common. Typical applications are CIP hot water, boiler feedwater heater, paper machine whitewater and shower water, chemical jacketed reactor water heating, etc. Designs of steam injection heaters vary and sometimes using common generic brand names such as hydroheater or pick heater to select your heater may limit your options. When selecting your steam injection heater, make sure you specify the brand name you are looking for. Just searching for or requesting a hydroheater or pick heater may lead to selecting the wrong heater. ProSonix offers a diversified line of steam injection heaters to fit your specific application needs. Our ProSonix heater offer inline heating designs with and integral internally modulated steam control flow design. They offer a high turndown on steam flow, precise temperature control, and can eliminate rough operation from steam hammer (also referred to as water hammer) for trouble free operation. Our ProSonix J-Series jet sparger heater is a good choice for hot water tank heating, adding additional heat to central hot water systems, and boiler feedwater heating applications.