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ProSonix specializes in steam injection heating solutions a variety of process heating applications for fluid processing.

From instant hot water supply for food processing such as CIP hot water and sanitation, boiler feedwater, to more complex Hi-solids and Hi-viscosity slurry heating applications such as wastewater. Our steam to water heat exchangers can be used for inline water heating, in tank steam jet sparging, and critical process temperature control applications such as jacketed reactor vessel heating.

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10 Tips to Optimize Your Steam-Injection Heating Application

Hot Water

January 2, 2020

Improving Jacketed Reactor Heating with Hot Water

Hot Water vs. Steam for Heating Jacketed Reactors In chemical processing facilities, maintaining stable temperature control of jacketed reactors is critical. Steam injection heating of […]

Fluid Process
Heating Solutions

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Jet Cooker

March 10, 2020

Why Use a Starch Jet Cooker?

A starch jet cooker is a unique process heating device designed specifically for heating high solids starch slurries derived from starches such as potato, wheat, tapioca, […]

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