Introducing ProJet™

Reliable tank heating for industrial applications

ProSonix is pleased to introduce a new option for water tank heating, the ProJet™.
The ProJet™ offers a compact, versatile and easy-to-install design for instantaneous hot water with a unique 2-stage self-modulating steam flow control design that maintains high steam flow velocity through a wide range of operation.

ProJet™ Tank Sparger for Water Heating

ProJet™ Steam Injection Heater

Features and Technology

  • Unique 2-stage self-modulating steam flow control design, maintains high steam flow velocity through a wider range of operation.
  • Complete condensation and mixing of steam in the water, for precise temperature control, stable vibration free operation, and reliable heating performance.
  • 4 steam injector sizes to match your heating requirements.
  • Energy efficient using both the latent & sensible heat of the steam for 100% energy transfer.
  • Interchangeable steam injectors if your heating requirements should change.
  • Simple, reliable, economical design.
  • Patent Pending

ProJet™ Tank Sparger

Water Heating for Industrial Tanks

  • 2-Stage Self modulating design
  • Steam pressure from 15 – 150
  • Fast, simple NPT steam line connection
  • 316 SS construction
  • Extended insertion length up to 4.0'
  • Extension bolts mounted directly to a tank flange
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Complete condensation allows for higher tank water temperatures than typical spargers
  • Self-Cleaning Design
  • Can be easily inserted or removed from the tank for maintenance

Our ProJet™ Tank Sparger is the best choice for many applications: