ProJet® Steam Injection Heater

Instantaneous hot water for industrial applications

ProSonix is pleased to introduce a new option for instantaneous water heating, the ProJet®. The ProJet® offers a compact, versatile and easy-to-install design for instantaneous hot water with a unique 2-stage self-modulating steam flow control design that maintains high steam flow velocity through a wide range of operation.


ProJet® Steam Injection Heater

Features and Technology

  • Unique 2-stage self-modulating steam flow control design, maintains high steam flow velocity through a wider range of operation.
  • Complete condensation and mixing of steam in the water, for precise temperature control, stable vibration free operation, and reliable heating performance.
  • 4 steam injector sizes to match your heating requirements.
  • Energy efficient using both the latent & sensible heat of the steam for 100% energy transfer.
  • Interchangeable steam injectors if your heating requirements should change.
  • Simple, reliable, economical design.
  • Easy to size with the ProJet Sizing Calculator
  • Patent Pending

ProJet® Inline Water Heater

Versatile and Reduced Installation Costs

  • The ProJet® combines efficient direct steam injection heating with a simple, compact design that is easy to install and maintain.
  • The ProJet® heater can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be easily maintained by only removing the steam injector.

Discover the Many Applications for ProJet®

ProJet® is an easy to install and economical option for water heating.

The ProJet® is easy to install and maintain.
Watch the video below to see the ProJet® installation process.

ProSonix Improves Heating Process
Steam injection heating can be used for a variety of heating applications. Inline heating of water and high solids slurries are common. Typical applications are CIP hot water, boiler feedwater heater, paper machine whitewater and shower water, chemical jacketed reactor water heating, etc. Designs of steam injection heaters vary and sometimes using common generic brand names such as hydroheater or pick heater to select your heater may limit your options. When selecting your steam injection heater, make sure you specify the brand name you are looking for. ProSonix offers a diversified line of steam injection heaters to fit your specific application needs. Just searching for or requesting a hydroheater or pick heater may lead to selecting the wrong heater. Our ProJet steam injection heater is a simple and inexpensive inline water heater. It is a good replacement for shell and tube heater exchanger or plate and frame heat exchangers. Our ProJet steam sparger is a great fit for tank heating applications. Both provide precise temperature control and can eliminate rough operation from steam hammer (also referred to as water hammer) for trouble free operation. Our ProSonix ProJet heater and steam sparger is a good choice for hot water tank heating, adding additional heat to central hot water systems, and boiler feedwater heating applications.

ProJet® is an easy to install, economical option for water heating.

Contact our sales team to discuss your application and learn more about the ProJet® Inline Direct Steam Injection Heater.