Slurry & Aggressive Fluid Heating

Heating of slurries and aggressive fluids that are difficult to pump can present challenges for heat exchangers and common steam spargers. ProSonix sludge heat exchanger products are designed to improve performance over traditional heat exchangers, steam spargers, and steam eductors. Steam mixing valves and steam sparging when done incorrectly can lead to steam hammer and poor temperature control.
  • Pulp stock heating & pulp stock bleaching
  • Anaerobic digestion of biosolids & wastewater sludges
  • Hi-solids & Hi-viscosity slurries that are difficult to pump
  • Fibrous Cellulosic & Biomass Ethanol
  • Oil Sands (Froth Heating & TSRU) & mineral slurry processing

Angled Radial Multi-port Steam Injector with Internally Modulated Steam Flow Control (Patent No. 8,167,278 B2)

  • The Radial Multi-port Steam Jet Diffuser is angled to produce a 3-Dimensional steam injection heating pattern into the flow of the liquid. This produces more uniform steam and heat distribution allowing for improved temperature control.
  • Internally modulated steam flow control design operates at choked flow conditions (high velocity). This controls the mass flow of the steam and does not modulate steam pressure which leads to steam hammer.
  • Engineered Design for Your Process Both the PSX Heater steam injector and liquid body are sized separately . The Steam Injector is sized based on steam flow needs to optimize turn down and the liquid body is sized to match your piping or to address flow velocity requirements.