ProJet™ Sanitary Inline Steam Injection Water Heater

Instantaneous hot water for food, meat and chemical processing applications

ProSonix is pleased to introduce a new option for sanitary instantaneous water heating, the ProJet™.
The ProJet™ offers a compact, versatile and easy-to-install design for sanitary instantaneous hot water with a unique 2-stage self-modulating steam flow control design that maintains high steam flow velocity through a wide range of operation.

ProJet™ Sanitary Steam Injection Heater

Features and Technology

  • ProJet™ Inline Sanitary Water Heater is designed to supply on demand hot water.
  • The unique 2-stage self-modulating steam flow control design, maintains high steam flow velocity through a wider range of operation. This assures complete condensation of steam in the water, for precise temperature control, stable vibration free operation, and reliable heating performance.
  • The radial multi-port steam jet diffuser provides uniform heating of the water flow.
  • Self-cleaning design reduce chance for scale & mineral build-up.
  • Surface finishes 32 ra or better with no threaded connections.
  • Designed for complete fluid draining.
  • Interchangeable steam injectors if your heating requirements should change.
  • Simple, reliable, economical design.
  • Patent Pending

ProJet™ Inline Water Heater

Versatile and Reduced Installation Costs

  • The ProJet™ combines efficient direct steam injection heating with a simple, compact design that is easy to install and maintain.
  • The ProJet™ heater can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be easily maintained by only removing the steam injector.
  • ProJet™ sanitary water heaters are available in 4 sizes with steam connections from 0.75" to 2.0".

Discover the Many Applications for the Sanitary ProJet™

ProJet™ is an easy to install and economical option for sanitary applications.

  • On Demand Hot Water
  • CIP Cleaning
  • Plant Sanitation Hot Water
  • Vegetable Blanching and Can Topping
  • Meat and Poultry Processing
  • Hose Station Hot Water Tank Supply
  • Hot Water Tank supply

ProJet™ is an easy to install, economical option for sanitary water heating.

Contact our sales team to discuss your application and learn more about the ProJet™ Inline Direct Steam Injection Heater.