Jacketed Reactor & Vessel Heating

Direct Steam Injection heating of hot water offers many important advantages over steam for jacketed reactor heating. Jacket reactor water temperature is precisely controlled, allowing water to surround the jacket at an even temperature, eliminating hot spots and the potential for product burn-on. Hot water versus steam also permits a smooth transition from heating to cooling, thus eliminating hammer and vibration and the potential for thermal shock and damage to welds and glass lining.
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Manual Tank Hot Water Fill

Tank heating with a ProSonix inline heater delivers consistent and reliable results by utilizing high velocity steam for rapid mixing and condensation of the steam into the fluid.

Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Water Heating

Proper water temperatures improve the efficiency of reverse osmosis for boiler room operations. Proper temperature control improves the water passage through the membrane for removal of minerals and impurities.

Vent & Waste Steam Recovery

ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger can be used to capture vent or waste steam that is typically released to atmosphere, and inject back into process water system or water tanks for energy savings.
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Clean-in-Place (CIP) Water Heating

ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger or the ProJet™ Water Heater can replace maintenance prone spargers, steam mixing valves, etc. and will heat water instantly and on demand to any desired temperature before it enters a batch process, reducing the cycle time and increasing productivity. Both inline water heaters and Jet Spargers available.,
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Tank Car Washing

ProSonix accurate temperature control and unlimited supply of hot water on demand makes tank car cleaning & sanitizing fast and easy. Ease of operation and maintenance and proven energy savings make ProSonix the perfect choice.
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Boiler Feedwater Heating

ProSonix I-Series Direct Steam Injection heater is well suited to heating boiler feedwater. Accurate temperature control and a hot water delivery to the boiler reduces demand on the boiler. The self cleaning design eliminates problems with mineral and scale build-up reducing maintenance coasts.
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Anaerobic Digestion & Wastewater Processing

The ProSonix Inline direct steam injection heater is well suited for anaerobic digestion of organic food waste such as cheese whey, cattle and poultry waste, and post processing food waste. Digestion of Biosolids can reduce landfill costs and produce methane as a useful fuel source.
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