Direct Steam Injection Heating

Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Jet Cooking for Starch Products
CIP and Plant Sanitation

Direct Steam Injection Heating for the Food & Beverage Processing Industry

The PSX I Series Direct Steam Injection Heater, the ProJet® Inline Industrial, ProJet® Sanitary, PSX J Series Jet Sparger and the ProJet® tank sparger are all used in food and beverage processing applications and deliver consistent, reliable results day after day. The PSX I Series and ProJet® Heaters are used for CIP, blanching, cooking, can topping and pasteurizing. The PSX J Series and ProJet® Jet Sparger heats tank water and is used for steeping and washing fruits and vegetables, and providing hot water for wash down and cleaning. ProSonix equipment offers many benefits including energy savings from efficient steam condensation, tight temperature controls and a self cleaning design.

Vegetable & Potato Blanching

In the Food industry, blanching of vegetables & potatoes is a common practice. Enzymes in vegetables are inactivated by the blanching process. Blanching is the exposure of the vegetables to boiling water or steam for a brief period of time. The vegetable must then be rapidly cooled in ice water to prevent it from cooking. there are a numbers of applications where containers need to be cleaned and pauperized prior to being filled in the packaging process.
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Instant Hot Water

Many food processes require varying loads of hot water at a low temperature rise during production, and hot water load can shift significantly higher for nighttime cleaning & sanitizing. The PSX I-Series and ProJet® Inline heater have high turn down capacity for both steam and water flow allowing them to handle load changes eliminating steam cavitation and temperature control issues. Hot water can also be used for can topping, freezer de-icing, bottle pasteurization, and many other hot water needs.

Clean-in-Place (CIP) Water Heating

ProSonix Direct Steam Injection heaters provide accurate, automatic temperature control, ensuring optimum effectiveness water heating, and caustic or chemical solutions. 100% heat transfer also saves energy over conventional heating systems.
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Pasteurizer Hot Water Supply

ProSonix Direct Steam Injection heater is the answer for on demand hot water for applications such as pasteurization in beverage bottling and others packaging applications. Its unique design provides hot water at a precisely controlled temperature over a wide operating range. ProSonix can accommodate wide variations in water flows and frequent start-stop applications.
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Starch Corn Wet Milling

The ProSonix C-Series Jet Cooker is well suited for liquefaction of starch for the production of corn syrup and sweeteners in wet milling processes, along with starch cooking for thickening of sauces and soups. Precise temperature control, thorough mixing of starch and steam, and resistance to buildup and fouling allow for more efficient liquefaction of the starch slurry.
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Tank Car Cleaning

ProSonix accurate temperature control and unlimited supply of hot water on demand makes tank car cleaning & sanitizing fast and easy. Ease of operation and maintenance and proven energy savings make ProSonix the perfect choice.
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Anaerobic Digestion & Wastewater Processing

The ProSonix Inline direct steam injection heater is well suited for anaerobic digestion of organic food waste such as cheese whey, cattle and poultry waste, and post processing food waste. Digestion of Biosolids can reduce landfill costs and produce methane as a useful fuel source.
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Heating Jacketed Kettles

Direct Steam Injection heating of water offers many important advantages over steam for jacketed heating. Jacket water temperature is precisely controlled, allowing water to surround the jacket at an even temperature, eliminating hot spots and the potential for product burn-on. Hot water versus steam also permits a smooth transition form heating to cooling, eliminating hammer and vibration and the potential for shock and damage to the glass lining.
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Our steam mixing valve is used to combine steam with the cold water in a to create instantaneous hot water.
The steam mixer can be used in a water line for central hot water system or as a steam sparger in a hot water tank.