We have tried DSI Heating before with rough operation and steam hammer issues, why is ProSonix different?
ProSonix unique internally modulated steam control produces choked flow conditions for high velocity (sonic) steam flow. Steam condensation rates are tied to steam flow velocity. High steam flow velocity (sonic flow >1000 fps) assures rapid rates of condensation in your process fluid. As long as the minimum proper steam and liquid pressure differential is maintained, the ProSonix Heater will condense all of the steam in your process fluid. Rough operation and Steam hammer usually results when sub-sonic (<1000 fps) conditions occur. The most common cause for sub-sonic conditions results when a steam pressure control valve reduces steam pressure to control steam flow. Please see “TB-4 Steam & Liquid Pressure” for more information.
What steam turndown is available?
The ProSonix steam injection heaters have a 50:1 turndown turn down on steam flow.
We have hard water, will we experience scale & mineral build-up?
No. The ProSonix steam injection heater has a self-cleaning design. Our high velocity steam flow eliminates scale build-up in the Jet Diffuser.
What if my liquid & steam pipes are different than the PSX Heater proposed?
Steam piping diameter should be sized to insure the amount of steam flow required as shown on the heater sizing worksheet can be delivered to the heater at the design pressure. Generally the steam pipe should be at least as large as the heater inlet.

For liquid piping connections, the PSX Heater can be sized to match your liquid piping. Matching pipe flange connections minimizes installation costs so that installation is a “pipe spool” fit. Other fluid system design considerations such as fluid velocity or pressure drop requirements can be incorporated.

Matching process liquid and steam inlet sizes to the heater connections may lead to limits on flowrate, temp rise, or a narrow temp control range. We size the steam inlet and liquid connections independently for optimal temperature control to meet your desired process heating flowrates.
How much steam superheat is allowable?
The PSX Heater can handle up to 75 °F (42°C) superheat in the steam without modification. For applications that are > 75 °F, please contact ProSonix or your local representative to review your application.
Can I locate the PSX Heater downstream from my pump?
Yes. The PSX Heater can be located on either the upstream or downstream side of a pump. Contact your ProSonix representative to discuss installation requirements.
What steam pressure should I use?
ProSonix does not recommend a specific steam pressure. However, it important that the steam pressure be higher than the liquid pressure to insure good operation. Make sure you identify the steam pressure at the point of heating and we will engineer the appropriate Jet Diffuser to assure sonic velocity operation. Standard designs for up to150 psig steam and optional designs for 300 psig and higher.

Often steam pressure can have an impact on both the size of the diffuser and your steam piping. Therefor the most economical choice may be to use the higher pressure steam.
Will pressure drop across the heater be excessive?
Some heating devices can experience pressure drops of up to 15-20 psid. The PSX Heater has a true inline design straight flow through design which allows liquid body sizing to match your liquid pipe. Typical liquid pressure drop across the heater is 1-2 psi.
Do I need a steam control valve?
No steam control valve is required. The PSX Heaters internally modulated design incorporates an integral actuator which controls the steam flow through an engineered variable area diffuser. This eliminates the need for a steam pressure control or globe valve on the incoming steam line.
What impact does liquid pressure have on operation?
Because of the PSX heater internal modulated design, for most applications, as long as the liquid pressure is less than about 70% of the steam pressure (in absolute units) there will be no impact on operation if the liquid pressure varies below that value. I am just heating water, no issues or concerns correct?

Most of the time, yes. However; water has a very specific definition, see TB-XX. Make sure you communicate to your ProSonix representative if you are heating demineralized water, condensate, etc. These fluids can cause corrosion on injector components and may require additional design considerations.
I am concerned that Steam Injection Heating will limit my process fluid to 2:1 turndown?
A number of process fluid heating devices have a limited range of operation. The ProSonix inline heaters generally have a much wider range of operation than other devices and seldom will limit the process.
What happens if I lose liquid flow?
The biggest concern is if the loss of liquid flow is sudden. If so, this condition will lead to steam hammer and should be avoided. A flow switch on the liquid line or monitoring of the liquid pump will allow for safe shut down of the steam injection heater. A Hi-temp alarm should be used in the control monitoring to note excessive temperature rise.
Why is steam quality important?
Generally any steam produced by a well maintained industrial boiler and steam system is suitable for use with our PSX Heater. Steam traps should be placed appropriately to insure that condensate is removed prior to the ProSonix steam injection heater. Condensate in the steam supply can cause rough operation and premature wear of steam injector components. A well-functioning steam strainer will remove foreign material that can damage internal steam injector components. Industrial or culinary grades of steam are acceptable.
I am concerned that steam injection will pressurize my system or pump the fluid?
ProSonix utilizes a patented radial multi-port steam injector. Steam is injected at high velocity, based on choked flow principals, leading to rapid steam condensation. This design does not produce any educator steam pumping effects and thus has almost no effect on the fluid flow or pressure.
How do I determine my available steam pressure?
All boilers and steam headers will have a steam pressure rating; however, you want to identify your steam pressure at your heating location. This means that from your steam header, you should calculate your line losses due to friction, Fittings (elbows, tees, etc) and components such as valves and strainers) to establish what your design steam pressure is at the heater location.
I want to size the PSX Heater to make sure we can meet future requirements?
Oversizing the heater is one of the most common mistakes made. Over sizing the steam trim based on potential future requirements, will mean that current operating conditions will be in lower range of valve control. This can lead to poor temperature control, rough operation, and potential premature wear of steam injector components. Each PSX Heater Steam Injector has multiple size steam trims available. Steam trim sizes vary from 10% - 100% capacity of the maximum steam flow for that particular steam trim. The steam capacity of a particular ProSonix heater can be increased or decrease significantly by changing out just the internal trim. Like most valves, steam trim control is optimized when selecting steam trim capacity in the 20-90% range of the injector. Future needs can be addressed with higher steam trim capacity designs if required.