ProSonix I Series inline steam injection heaters are used for slurry processing in industrial applications.

Anaerobic Digestion

Direct Steam Injection heating is well suited to handle high viscosity and difficult to pump sludges. The ProSonix heater’s ability to maintain accurate temp control, makes it well suited for Mesophilic, Thermophilic, Thermal Hydrolysis, and Pasteurization applications. The ProSonix heater design allows for smooth integration from tube-in-tube and spiral heat exchangers.

With our Direct Steam Injection heating system you will have precise temperature control, no plugging or fouling, and a lower pressure drop, resulting in greater energy savings. Moving from a heat exchanger to our Direct Steam Injection heater will result in a significant reduction of space taken up by the system. This is because our heating system can be installed in the piping framework without the need for dedicated floor space.

Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG Heating)

The PSX Inline heater is designed for heating slurries and sludges that are difficult to pump, present build-up problems on hot surfaces, and require a low pressure drop to reduce pump issues such as FOG heating applications. Our PSX Inline Heater design and positional steam inlet make it simple to install. The integral actuator eliminates the requirements for a steam control valve.  You will see performance improvements, energy savings, and a more reliable heating process with our Steam Injection Heater.

Biogas Production

The ProSonix heater is well suited for heating agricultural wastes such as manure, post processing animal by-products (beef, poultry, etc.), food processing solids for anaerobic digestion processing biogas production and methane production. Our heater does not face the same challenges as heat exchangers like increased energy usage, increased maintenance costs, plugging of heat exchanger tubes, and temperature control problems. You can avoid these problems with our Direct Steam Injection heating system because of its self-cleaning design, low pressure drop, internal steam modulation design, and better temperature control.

Deactivation & Pasteurization

The ProSonix Steam Injection heater provides accurate temperature control and ease of maintenance for continuous flow treatment of bio-waste. The high heating capacity, up to 250 degrees F temperature rise in a single pass, meets difficult heating conditions. The ProSonix heater can maintain and hold a preset temperature to effectively kill and neutralize living cells for sludge pasteurization.

Industrial Wastewater Sludge Heating

ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger Direct Steam Injection heater can be added to wastewater fluid lines, bioreactors, and wastewater sludge heating tanks. With the installation of our J-Series Direct Steam Injection heater you will experience more efficient steam condensation, faster tank heat up, energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and improved safety because of the elimination of the steam hammer.