Water Heating

Direct Steam Injection Heater for
Process Heating and Instant Hot Water Heating

Boiler Feedwater Heater
Energy Savings - Vent Steam Recovery
Inline Water Heating
Jacketed Reactor Heating
CIP - Clean in Place
Vegetable Can Topping
Whitewater Heating
Pasteurization & Sanitizing
Reverse Osmosis
Tank & Vessel Heating
Tank Car Cleaning
Central Hot Water Systems
Potato Blanching

J-Series Jet Sparger direct steam injection heater delivers smooth and stable heating performance:

  • Single and Multiple unit installations handle small or large tank heating, and a wide range of temperatures
  • High velocity steam reduces energy losses by improving steam condensation and mixing
  • Mass heat-up and trim temperature capabilities
  • Well suited for water heating, tank heating, white water heating, feedwater heater, jet sparger, steam sparge, & process heating
  • Manual or automatic control

The I-Series Jet Diffuser direct steam injection heater delivers smooth & reliable process heating results for hot water needs:

  • Flow rates from 1 - 15,000 gpm
  • Precise temperature control +/- 1 deg F
  • No floor space required
  • Low liquid pressure drop across heater reduces process upsets
  • Up to 100% energy efficient using both the sensible & latent heat of the steam
  • Well suited for boiler feedwater heating, reverse osmosis, jacketed vessels, tank heating
  • Patent No. 8,167,278 B2