Direct Steam Injection solutions for

  • Tank heating & sparging
  • Mineral leach slurry heating
  • Hi-solids/Hi-viscosity slurries
  • Solvent separation & recovery
  • Evaporative Flash Recovery
  • Wastewater heating
  • Dryer & kiln fluid heating
  • SAGD water heating
  • Oil sands bitumen froth heating

Slurry Heating

ProSonix direct steam injection heaters can be used for a variety of difficult to handle mineral slurries such Alumina Slurry, Brackish Water, Bauxite Slurry, Oil Sands processing, Bitumen processing, and Leaching. The PSX Heater is available in a variety of alloys to address corrosion issues and hardened wear resistant coatings can be applied to address erosion.
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Energy Savings - Vent & Waste Steam Recovery

ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger can be used to capture vent or waste steam that is typically released to atmosphere, and inject back into process water system or water tanks for energy savings.
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Evaporative Flash Recovery

The ProSonix steam injection heater’s ability to deliver instant, single pass heat up allows for recovery of costly solvents and naphtha from mine slurries, sour water, bitumen froth treatment, and other slurry heating applications. Direct steam injection heating allows for flash recovery and separation in Oil Sands and Tar Sands processing.
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Boiler Feedwater Heater

Direct steam injection heating for boiler feedwater can reduce energy costs and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The PSX Heater eliminates mineral & scale build-up and Pugging/Fouling associated with conventional feedwater heaters.
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Lime Slaker Heating

A number of industries use hydrated lime addition for their processes. Hydrated lime (or calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime) is usually a dry powder resulting from the controlled slaking of quicklime with water. The exothermic or released heat of reaction is captured and used to evaporate the excess slaking water. High calcium quicklime readily reacts with water to form hydrated lime.
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Aggressive Fluid Heating

Heating water and challenging fluids such as alumina slurry, bauxite slurry, brackish water & abrasive slurry such as oil sands/bitumen froth, and tailings transport presents unique challenges for traditional heating methods. SAGD applications require large volumes of continuous heating for long periods of times. The ProSonix I-Series Inline heater can address scale & mineral build-up issues and is designed for demanding continuous process heating applications.

Brackish Water Heating

The ProSonix Steam Injection heater is well suited for brackish water and other fluids with high dissolved mineral content. The unique inline heater design has a very low pressure drop, typically 1-2 psig, minimizing flow disruptions which lead to precipitate falling out. The radial multi-port steam jet diffuser operates under sonic velocity steam injection which produces a self cleaning action. With no hot surfaces and velocity steam flow, mineral & scale build-up issues are eliminated.

Avoiding Transport Line Freeze-up

The ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger is an economical way of adding heat to tailings transport and slurry lines to avoid freeze problems during colder winter months and during shut down or maintenance periods. The J-Series Jet Sparger can be installed on large diameter pipes (>18") without expensive reconfiguration of piping and steam lines.

Water Heating

ProSonix Heaters offer high turndown on both both steam and liquid. In applications such as steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), large volumes of water are required at high temperatures. ProSonix direct steam injection heaters are available in a variety of designs to address those requirements.
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Jet Sparger Optimization for Tank Heating

Tank heating with spargers or eductors can lead to steam hammer problems which can damage tank walls and welds. Proper tank heating with a Jet Sparger utilizes high velocity steam for rapid mixing and condensation of the steam. The ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger and the ProJet Tank Sparger are well suited for a variety of tank heating needs.
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