Industrial Tank Heating

Inline Steam Injection Heater and Jet Spargers

Industrial water heating is critical to many processes within manufacturing plants. Plants require heated water at precise temperatures throughout the work day and the water needs to be hot and available when needed. To heat large tanks, inline heaters or tank spargers are very common options. Inline heaters can be installed into existing piping and require no additional floor space. Tank spargers are a common, simple, and inexpensive option. A typical sparger is designed with a pipe that extends into the tank with a simple nozzle that delivers steam to the tank. ProSonix offers multiple solutions for industrial tank heating: the PSX I Series inline steam injection heater, the PSX J Series Tank Sparger and the ProJet® Tank Sparger. Both deliver sonic velocity to the fluid which supplies a thoroughly heated fluid that is ready to be used instantaneously throughout the facility. ProSonix steam injection heaters are designed to improve performance over traditional heat exchangers, steam spargers, and steam eductors. Steam mixing valves and steam sparging when done incorrectly can lead to steam hammer and poor temperature control. This can lead to process upsets and limits production.

Which Tank Heating Jet Sparger Do I Need?

Process or Steam Condition



PSX J-Series

Fluid Water Yes Yes
Steam Pressure  15 - 150 psig Yes Yes
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel or 316SS Yes Yes
Steam Line Connection </= 2.0” No Yes
Steam – Hi-Pressure >150 psig No Yes
Materials of Construction - Special Corrosive or Abrasive No Yes
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How Direct Steam Injection Heating Works

ProSonix’ unique method of steam injection utilizes internally modulated steam control to precisely deliver the appropriate mass flow of steam for the required heating. This design offers a precise method of steam control through a choked flow control delivery of the steam. Choked flow is the phenomenon of accelerating a vapor to maximum velocity by creating a pressure differential through an engineered nozzle. By establishing choked flow, the steam mass flow can be metered to precisely control the heating of the liquid. This produces predictable results based on position of the stem plug. Through a variable-area steam diffuser, steam flow is metered at the point where steam and liquid first contact and mix.

How to Avoid Steam Hammering

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Tank Size Calculator

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Anaerobic Digestion

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