J-Series: Jet Sparger


J-Series PSX Steam Sparger Steam Injection Heater


PSX J-Series Steam Sparger Direct Steam Injection Heaters

  • High velocity steam for smooth operation & energy savings
  • On/Off Design (ATO/ATC)
  • Tank mount design to heat tanks or vessels of all sizes
  • Integral DA Air Cylinder Eliminates Steam Control Valve Requirement
  • Single or Multiple Jet Sparger arrangements
  • Simple integration with existing temperature control
  • For Tank mount or pipe mount inline heating
  • Auto or Manual designs

PSX J-Series: Modulated Steam Flow Control

  • Integral Actuator Eliminates external Steam Pressure Control Valve Requirement
  • For Tanks or Vessels with High Fluid Turnover
  • Pipe mount design for inline heating
  • Design for Mass Flow or Trim Temperature Heating
  • Can be used on oversized pipes (>12.0” dia.) for high flowrate fluid heating & winter freeze protection

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