J-Series PSX Steam Sparger Steam Injection Heater

The ProSonix Jet steam sparger is direct steam injection heater for heating water and slurries. It can be a tank mount steam sparger or installed directly in a liquid pipeline. The integral modulating steam control design allows for mass flow heat-up of tanks and trim temp heating for maintenance. High velocity steam delivery assures complete mixing of steam, reducing occurrences of vibration, and saves energy losses from uncondensed steam escaping. An excellent upgrade for poor performing sparge nozzles, sparge tubes, and steam ejectors.


What is a steam sparger?

The ProSonix J-Series Jet Sparger is designed for water and slurry heating for both tank and inline applications. Typical applications are boiler feedwater tank heating, CIP hot water for plant sanitation and chemical CIP applications along with central hot water tank storage requirements. Also, well suited for central hot water re-collection tanks such as paper mill whitewater heating systems. Can be installed in your existing tank flange, or simply by adding a flanged inlet to your process piping.

Features of the ProSonix Steam Sparger

  • Tank Heating - PSX Jet Steam Sparger for tank heating is designed to mount on a tank or vessel for fluid or slurry heating applications.
  • Inline Heating - The PSX J-Series also offers a pipe mount design for inline heating.
  • Operation - Modulating steam flow control with integral pneumatic actuator. 
  • Steam Pressure – Can be used for steam pressures 15 psig up 300 psig. 
  • Steam turndown – Up to 8:1
  • Heating Capacity – Delivers from 500 – 75,000 pph of steam, up to 84 mil Btu/hr.
  • Compact design - Suitable for minimal installation space requirements. Can be installed in any orientation.
  • MOC - Standard materials of construction are carbon steel and 316SS or special alloys upon request.
  • Connection - Standard 150 psig RF flange for steam and tank connection. 300 psig available as an option.


PSX J-Series Steam Sparger Direct Steam Injection Heaters

  • High velocity steam for smooth operation & energy savings
  • On/Off Design (ATO/ATC)
  • Tank mount design to heat tanks or vessels of all sizes
  • Integral DA Air Cylinder Eliminates Steam Control Valve Requirement
  • Single or Multiple Jet Sparger arrangements
  • Simple integration with existing temperature control
  • For Tank mount or pipe mount inline heating
  • Auto or Manual designs

PSX J-Series: Modulated Steam Flow Control

  • Integral Actuator Eliminates external Steam Pressure Control Valve Requirement
  • For Tanks or Vessels with High Fluid Turnover
  • Pipe mount design for inline heating
  • Design for Mass Flow or Trim Temperature Heating
  • Can be used on oversized pipes (>12.0” dia.) for high flowrate fluid heating & winter freeze protection