Steam Injection Heater Solutions for Your Process Heating & Utility Steam Injection Heating Applications

Heating solutions for industrial applications



ProSonix C-Series Jet Cookers are ideal for biofuels, biomass conversion and cellulosic pre-treatment processing.

Direct Steam Injection Systems for Many Applications

ProSonix Steam Injection Heaters for process heating, the leading innovator of Steam Injection heating solutions for industrial Process Heating & Utility applications. Companies around the globe rely on ProSonix steam injection heating to support their water heating, starch jet cookerslurry heating, & sludge heating needs. From inline fluid heating to tank steam sparging, we have the experience and we don’t just supply a steam injector valve or steam jet heater, we deliver an integrated process heating solution designed to meet your specific needs. With over 25 years of experience our internally modulated steam control designs can eliminate problems such as steam cavitation & steam hammer,  mineral & scale build-up in heat exchangers, and rough operating steam ejectors & steam eductors to provide more reliable temperature control and stable operation.

Dependable Process Heaters from Pro-Sonix

We offer revolutionary solutions for both simple and complex process heating applications.  Pro-Sonix provides the best heaters for aggressive fluid heating, starch cooking and slurry heating.  Our innovative process heaters can also be used for less complex applications like direct steam injection for tank and vessel heating.  We have expertly designed heaters including:

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Innovative Heating Solutions

Our technical support team can help provide process heating solutions for water heating both inline heating and tank heating applications. Our I-Series steam injection heater is well suited for a variety of process heating solutions. We have the experience to deliver proven direct steam injection heater solutions in Pulp & Paper processing such as whitewater heating, hydropulper, green liquor heating, starch cooker for your wet end starch cooking system, pulp stock heating, recycled fiber heating, and waste steam recovery. 

We understand the requirements that Food Processing companies have for reliable hot water supply systems, vegetable blanching, pasteurization, CIP, meat processing, poultry processing, along with jacketed kettle hot water supply. We can deliver the right solutions in Mining, Mineral Processing, & Oil Sands processing for SAGD, bitumen recovery, froth heating, leach slurry, & brackish water heating. For Industrial boiler power plant, coal fired power plant, and power plants, we can improve your boiler feedwater heating, de-aerator water heating, reverse osmosis, lime slaker heating, and jacketed reactor heating.

High Quality C-Series Jet Cookers

We also have one of the most experienced Technical teams to support jet cooker starch conversion & liquefaction Jet Cooker applications for Wet Mill Corn Refinery, Biofuels, Ethanol, Biomass Conversion, & cellulosic pre-treatment processing. Our C-Series Jet Cooker has revolutionized Starch cooking in corn wet mil & dry mill, along with grain ethanol processing. The PSX Jet Cooker is well suited for fructose production, oil seed processing, & corn syrup production where a reliable jet cooker is critical to your process. If your steam jet cooker is not performing as expected, consider upgrading your hydro jet cooker today.

Dependable I-Series PSX Heaters

Wastewater heating solutions are also available for upgrading Tube-in-tube & Spiral heat exchangers in the Municipal wastewater & biosolids sludge heating applications. Our I-Series PSX Heater is designed for difficult to pump and high solids slurries for applications such as biogas production, waste stream de-activation, anaerobic digestion for mesophillic & thermophilic digesters, and thermal hydrolysis.

Energy Efficient J-Series Jet Spargers

In addition to we also have energy saving designs for water heating applications. Our J-Series Jet Sparger can be used for inline heating and tank or vessel heating. The PSX Jet Diffuser utilizes internally modulated steam control to produce sonic velocity steam flow under choked flow conditions. This design can improve your tank jet sparging, tank car washing, carcass washing, parts washing, fluid bed dryer heating, and other fluid process heating applications.

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I-Series Inline Heater

Inline Steam Injection Heating

Instant hot water, high solids slurry, wastewater, and aggessive fluid heating.