Starch Jet Cooker

Jet Cooker for Starch Processing

A starch jet cooker is designed specifically for heating high solids slurries derived from starches, such as potato, wheat, tapioca, rice, and corn. Industrial starch cooking is an important chemical process for starch wet milling, grain ethanol production, and other industrial starch processing applications.

The ProSonix C- Series starch jet cooker delivers rapid cooking of the starch with precise temperature control. Steam is continuously injected into the flowing starch slurry through an injector coaxial to a starch condensing tube. The steam and slurry are mixed completely which delivers a superior end product as compared to traditional heat exchangers, steam spargers, and steam eductors. Steam mixing valves and steam sparging when done incorrectly can lead to steam hammer, poor starch cook-out, and poor temperature control.

Because starch and steam are flowing continuously, there is no plugging or fouling of the heating surfaces to hinder the heating process. Most importantly, the starch slurry is intimately mixed with the steam. This results in rapid and complete starch hydrolyzation and more complete cookout of the starch.

Starch cook temperatures can be precisely maintained, allowing the process to be fine tuned to the needs of the final starch product. Cook temperatures from 160°F to 300°F (71°C-149°C) are common. Starch can be cooked at dry solids levels up to 40%. This reduces water use and saves energy by reducing evaporative costs.

How It Works

ProSonix’ C-Series Jet Cooker is designed for starch cooking, wet mill processing of starch, ethanol production, and fructose & alcohol production. ProSonix' unique method of direct steam injection utilizes internal steam modulation via an integral Pneumatic Actuator and variable position steam plug, to accurately meter the mass flow of steam at choked flow conditions. Choked flow is the phenomenon of accelerating a vapor to maximum velocity by creating a pressure differential through an engineered opening. By injecting the steam at high velocity we insure thorough, consistent mixing of the starch and steam under all conditions. This produces predictable results regardless of the position of the stem plug.

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Advanced Drive System
The tube movement in the ProSonix jet cooker adjusts the starch gap through a threaded engagement. The tube is rotated and an external thread moves the tube towards or away from the steam injector. Moving the tube in this way not only adjusts the starch gap, but also changes the orientation of the tube inside the heater, reducing localized wear and extending part life.

OptiShear CT Auto Drive System
The OptiShearTM is a unique method of automatically controlling the gap the starch slurry passes through between the condensing tube and the steam injector. The OptiShear is operated electrically from the customers control system.
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Jet Cooker Available for Pilot Lab Applications

ProSonix offers a lab scale jet cooker that allows for small scale operation that mimics the performance of the production scale jet cookers.
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ProSonix Direct Steam Injection Heaters

  • Flowrates from 1 – 4,500 gpm
  • Starch slurry D.S. concentrations up to 40%
  • Steam turndown 100% and liquid turndown up to 10:1 (4:1 for jet cookers)
  • Modulating steam flow design (how it works) with 100% steam turndown no external steam flow control valve required
  • Temperature control accuracy of +/- 1 deg F
  • Self cleaning design - no mineral or scale build-up
  • Materials of construction is stainless, carbon steel and special alloys upon request.

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