Steam Injection Heater Solutions

for Your Process Heating & Utility Steam Injection Heating Applications

ProSonix Steam Injection Heaters for process heating, the leading innovator of Steam Injection heating solutions for industrial Process Heating & Utility applications. Companies around the globe rely on ProSonix steam injection heating to support their water heating, starch jet cooker, slurry heating, & sludge heating needs. From inline fluid heating to tank steam sparging, we have the experience and we don’t just supply a steam injector valve or steam jet heater, we deliver an integrated process heating solution designed to meet your specific needs.

With over 25 years of experience our internally modulated steam control designs can eliminate problems such as steam cavitation & steam hammer, mineral & scale build-up in heat exchangers, and rough operating steam ejectors & steam eductors to provide more reliable temperature control and stable operation.

Expertise you can trust.

ProSonix steam injection heating solutions, a global leader in process heating applications, is the recognized innovator in the design & manufacture of direct steam injection heating solutions for industrial process and utility fluid heating applications. With over 30 years of experience, our team can help solve your simple water heating needs and provide the necessary expertise for more complex slurry, starch jet cooker, sludge, and aggressive fluids heating applications.

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